Thursday, April 27, 2006

High-contrast Cell Phones

I am looking at getting a new cell phone. I don't need a fully voice-controlled, phone, but I would like one where the text is large and easy to read. I am having a hard time finding one. Companies do not advertise high contrast text settings, even if they have them.

My wife and I are currently planning to leave our current cell phone provider and are strongly considering Verizon. The main issue is that I am legally blind with partial sight. I don't need the text-to-speech features of the LG VX 4500. I need a phone with a clearly legible text where the font color contrasts sharply with the background color (black on white, white 0r yellow on black, etc). I went to a Verizon store to check the phones, but it was not possible to check many phone (the stores inventory did not match the website, many of the phone on display could not be turned on and it was not easy to check the Display Settings of the phones that were on). Is there a way to find out which phones have high-contrast color themes? The only one I could find is the CDM 8945, but I don't need all the VCAST features and don't want to have to pay for them. A serious attempt to help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I have posted a link to a review of the Jitterbug phone. The Jitterbug might be the best phone for folks with low, but functional, vision.


Anonymous said...

Look at the Jitterbug phones. I am seeking a large format for my husband and this looks user friendly with a 30 day trial guarantee.

Oberazzi said...

I just watched the demo video ( on their website. There are good and bad things about the phone.

The good include simplicity (in menu and keypad), easy to see buttons and large print on the screen. On the other hand, the screen seems to use a low contrast blue-on-white color scheme instead of an easier to read gold-on-black scheme. It is also not the best looking phoe out ther for those who like the 'cool' factor. It was not clear if it had auido feedback. My Razr reads the numbers I dial out loud, which is a great feature. Th Jitterbug has a type of voice-activiation with operaator-assisted dialing.

In the end, it beats everything else out there for simplicity and accessibility. Hopefully it is the start of a trend in the market.

Lynn said...

I am presently with Verizon and can tell you stay away from Verizon's LG enV. I too need larger text, and even the the largest text setting is too small to read. I have to hand my phone to my children to read messages or see who an incoming call is from. My friends laugh at how small the supposedly "large" text is. It's a joke!. My friend has a Samsung phone that she can increase the text size on demand, almost like a zoom feature. I'd gladly give up options I don't use anyway on the enV just to be able to read the display!!!!

Rich said...

Try the Snapfon ez ONE. Bought one for my mom (79) and she loves it. Easy to use and great price too.